Why Choose Climate controlled units

Why Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate controlled storage units are clean and temperature controlled.

Climate controlled storage units are very useful and here are just a few reasons why to use climate controlled self storage units.

1) Climate units are good a option for storage of antiques and their delicate laminates.  Good quality antiques can be expensive so protect your investment and before you put them in just any storage.

2) Controlled units are perfect for storing fine upholstered furniture.  The heat and  humidity will play havoc on leather and upholstery fabrics by becoming dirty and moldy quickly in a regular storage unit.   Protect your investments and splurge on the cost of a climate storage unit.

3) Air conditioned storage units are a great way preserve oil paintings, art work, and furs.   All of these items are sensitive to the heat and humidity and should be in a controlled environment.

4) Sensitive electronics, smart TV’s and  high end stereo equipment all need to be in heat and humidity controlled space.

5) Office and business records should be stored in a cool and clean environment to protect and preserve the client files.  If you’ve every searched for client or patient records in the dead of summer in a “regular” storage unit you know the heat is horrible.

6) Wedding dresses, priceless keepsakes and memories should be cleaned, preserved, boxed and kept in an air conditioned environment to protect them for years to come.

Alas if climate controlled storage is not for you, check out one of our other storage facilities, Westore Mini Storage  or Boat Shed & Mini Storage.




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