Wedding Dress Storage

Storage for the Wedding dress!

Wedding dress and Keepsake Storage

It’s time to talk about storage for that beautiful wedding dress that will be a treasured keepsake for years to come.  You’ve walked down the aisle and danced the night away at your perfect wedding—congratulations!  Between the gifts you received and trying to fit two apartment’s worth of stuff into one home, where will you store your dress?

A wedding dress is one of the most sentimental purchases a woman makes in her life.   So shoving it into the back of a closet simply won’t do. Luckily, a self storage unit is the ideal place for wedding dress storage. Whether you need to keep your dress pristine for a vow renewal, pass it on to a sister or daughter, or simply have a reminder of your special day.   Following these simple steps will allow you to store your gown in great shape.

Keeping Your Wedding Dress White  

Get your dress cleaned before you put it in a storage unit. Check the label for instructions on how to best clean your gown. Some gowns require dry cleaning while others need to be hand-washed. In either case, a professional cleaner with experience cleaning wedding dresses will be your best bet for preventing sneaky stains from showing up down the line.

As soon as you decide to put your dress into a self storage unit, make sure it’s kept off the ground as well. If it comes into contact with dirt, dust, or any other type of grime, your dress won’t stay white for long.

Box It or Bag It?

While storing your wedding dress in a self storage unit is a great option.  The last thing you want to do is just put the dress into storage without proper packaging. Over time, storage units collect dust, which can damage a wedding dress in the long run. With this in mind, you can use a box or a bag to make sure that your dress is safely stored away.

Boxing a wedding dress is the preferred form of storage, as it lets the gown lie flat and uses acid-free tissue paper in the folds of the dress to prevent decay. Brides may choose to box their gowns at home or have them boxed professionally. In either case, a boxed gown should be removed and refolded about once a year to prevent creases from forming.

Many new brides have found using a wardrobe box to hang the dress in will preserve its shape.  Additional room in the box can be used for the veil, shoes, and other keepsakes from the special day.

Climate Controlled storage units are a great option for storing your beautiful wedding gown and other valuable keepsakes.

Wedding Dress Storage

Preserve your memories

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