Top 10 Reasons for Storage

10 Reasons to rent a Storage.

10 Reasons for Storage.

Every customer has different needs and their own storage story, we have compiled the top 10 Reasons people rent storage units.

1.   The cars can finally go back into the garage when you rent a self storage unit.

2.   The HOA’s (Home Owner’s Association) will not allow Boat or RV parking in your neighborhood.

3.   Your house will seem larger and easier to clean with less clutter, another benefit of renting a self storage unit.

4.   Those office files that are overwhelming your work space, store them in a climate controlled unit for preservation and easy access all year round.

5.   Priceless memories & photos, collectibles, oil paintings and antiques with sensitive laminates do well in climate controlled storage.

6.   Many people rent storage spaces just to do personal projects and safely store their materials.

7.   Businesses rent storage units for storage of tools and inventory.  Storage units can provide centralized inventory distribution points throughout the city and easy access for their employees.

8.   Many customers use self storage units while relocating, whether due to a new job or school.

9.   Divorces can be devastating and the relationship between the two parties often becomes contentious.  A self storage unit is perfect location for a neutral property division.

10.  In the business world things are constantly changing and merging.  A self storage unit is a great option for consolidation, purging and sorting.

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