Storage Deals

Storage Deals

Storage Deals and Special Competitive Pricing.

Storage deals and “special pricing” on self storage units is extremely competitive with a variety of gimmicks to bring the storage customers in the door.

When shopping around for storage units and prices,  ALWAYS ask about the self storage deals that are available.

Beware of extremely low pricing on storage units, it is not sustainable.

If a storage facility is quoting prices that are way lower than their competition, BEWARE  you are in for rate hikes.

Next remember to always ask about ALL the fees associated with a “New” Self Storage Rental agreement.

The fees associated with self storage rentals can vary from one self storage facility to another.

A one time non refundable Administration fee is common and can range from $15-30 per self storage unit.  However not ALL Self Storage Facilities charge admin fees.

Lastly pay attention to the mandatory monthly insurance fee many storage facilities add on.  All of these fees increase the over all cost of your self storage unit.    And again not ALL Self Storage Facilities charge mandatory insurance fees.

My advice shop around to find the storage facility that best meets  your needs for  safety, convenience and cost.

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