choosing a storage facility

Choosing a Storage Facility

Choosing a Storage Facility. Why Private is Better

The public rate price, helpful staff, good maintenance, safety, and accessibility as the most important factors when choosing a self storage unit. Let’s examine each of these and see why choosing a storage facility that is privately owned  such as Texas Maxi Mini Self Storage meets these needs.

Storage Unit Price

All storage facilities scan the market for competitors’ pricing. Their goal is to be within the competitions’ range. It’s challenging for private storages to compete with corporations because they don’t have billions of dollars to put into special deals. But, they rely on their customers more, so they go the extra mile to bring prices down. Choosing a storage facility that is family owned supports local economy. A good local economy is a benefit to every city. It’s literally what keeps a city alive.

Storage Facility Staff

Most corporate storage facilities have very little staff. Family owned storage units are well staffed. Having friendly and helpful staff is the backbone of any privately run business. They can’t afford to have anything but excellence in service.

Storage Unit Cleanliness and Maintenance

When choosing a storage facility, you’ll notice that privately owned facilities are especially aware of how clean and maintained their units are. Most family owned storage facilities have on-site staff inspecting the grounds daily.  Maintenance doesn’t get neglected and is dealt with quickly. They can fix things immediately when repairs are needed. They don’t have to wait for authorization from corporate headquarters.

Storage Unit Facility Safety

Most family owned facilities like Westore Mini Storage have staff that actually live on-site. This provides better security against theft because human eyes are always scanning the grounds in real time. When a strange weather event, like a tornado, happens, on-site staff knows exactly what’s happening and when. When choosing a storage facility, remember that nothing protects your belongings better then human presence.

Storage Unit Accessibility

Because corporate storage facilities are usually very big they require that renters access their storage unit from internal doors, elevators, and long hallways. Privately owned facilities are smaller and access is either from the outside or through a single door. Quick in and out access saves you time, especially if you need to access your unit frequently. On-site staff are also always there to help if there’s ever a problem with gates or access codes!

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