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Allowed or not in Storage?

Allowed or not, let’s talk about it.

People aka human beings are not allowed to dwell and/or hang out  in storage units.   Tempting as it might be to lease a climate controlled  storage unit with air conditioning, electricity,  and access to bathrooms, etc., this is not permitted.

Living animals are not allowed to be kept in a storage period.

If you have considered putting your pet in a storage unit forget about it, it is not allowed.

Food storage is not allowed in a storage unit.

Heed the warning and do not put food into a storage unit .  Nothing will attract bugs, ants, lizards, mice and snakes like food.   Neither the Storage Facility management or your  storage neighbors will be happy with a decision to store food items.

Other Items that are  not permitted to be put in a storage are as follows:

Never place live plants into a storage unit.  All plants need light, food, and water to survive.  Your plants will die considerably faster in a storage unit opposed to keeping them at your home or office.

Gardeners are allowed to keep most of all their supplies and equipment inside a storage unit,  however anything that’s alive must be stored elsewhere.

Firearms, munitions, gunpowder, or explosives are not allowed in a storage facility.

The coveted firearm collection cannot be kept in a self storage unit. Additionally you can not put fireworks or any other explosives into a storage building because of the volatility.  If this warning is ignored and your storage unit blows up,  then you possibly could be celebrating your next birthday day in a federal facility.

Waste storage and Hazardous materials are not allowed to be in a storage unit.

 Find somewhere else to keep your excess flammables, explosives or radioactive items as they are not allowed in storage. If it’s corrosive, chemical, odorous, noxious or toxic, it can’t go into self storage either.   The hazardous list will also include lead paint, asbestos, urea formaldehyde, polychlorinated biphenyl, petroleum, and petroleum products too.  Yes let us not forget about constituents, methane, medical waste, toxic substances and related materials as defined in several federal acts and state statutes to long to reference.

Stolen goods and contraband are expressly prohibited in storage.

Monies, greenbacks or cash should not be kept in a storage unit either.  Please keep in mind that insurance policies do not cover cash or monies.   Your money will be safer in a safety deposit box.

Tenants should read the self storage rental agreement entirely for a full list of what is permissible and prohibited.

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